Bestrahlungsplanung und Dosisverifikation für die kombinierte interne und externe Strahlentherapie (CIERT)

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AIM: The combined internal and external radiotherapy (CIERT) take advantage of the benefits from radionuclide therapy and external beam irradiation. These include steep dose gradients and a low toxicity to normal tissue due to the use of unsealed radioisotopes as well as homogeneous dose distribution within the tumor due to external beam irradiation. For a combined irradiation planning, an infrastructure has to be developed that takes into account the dose contributions from both modalities. A physical verification of the absorbed dose distribution should follow by measurements using OSL detectors.

METHOD: Internal irradiation was performed using Re-188 in a cylindrical phantom with three inserts. SPECT images were acquired to calculate the internal dose using the software STRATOS. The dose distribution was exported as DICOM-RT data and imported in the software Pinnacle. Based on the internal dose distribution the external irradiation using 6 MV photons was planned. The dose contributions of both modalities separately as well as for combined irradiation was measured using OSL detectors made out of Beryllium oxide.

RESULTS: The planed doses of combined irradiation (1 Gy, 2 Gy, 4 Gy) could be verified within the uncertainty of the detectors. The mean energy response to Re-188 was (88.6 ± 2.4) % with respect to the calibration with 200 kV X-ray irradiation. The energy response to 6 MV photons was (146.0 ± 4.9) %.

CONCLUSION: A workflow for the treatment planning of combined internal and external radiotherapy has been developed and tested. Measurements verified the calculated doses. Therefore, the physical and technical basis for the dosimetry of combined irradiation were worked out.

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Treatment Planning and Dose Verification for Combined Internal and External Radiotherapy (CIERT)


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