An approach to subpixel accuracy widening crack width determination in image sequences

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As an extension to existing work on crack detection and subpixel accuracy crack width determination as a tool for civil engineering material testing, the paper shows an algorithmic approach to handle widening cracks with relative rotations between related crack borders. In the first time step under zero-load, a set of points to be tracked through consecutive frames of an image sequence is defined. Then, subpixel-precise displacement fields are computed for the image data of the following time steps using an 8-parameter least-squares matching approach. The points are triangulated into a mesh, and the changes of the inner geometry of the triangles are considered with a mathematical model assuming a split of each triangle. With this model, subpixel-precise deformation vectors are derived. Crack candidates are determined by a thresholding applied to the vectors’ lengths. After an estimation of the crack normal, a decomposition of the deformation vectors is applied, allowing to compute crack widths and shear movements. As a novel contribution to the technique, a model extension is proposed for the case of a relative rotation between the crack borders in order to reduce systematic errors. The model includes two separate rigid transformations for each crack side.


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  • Deformation Measurement, Crack Detection, Crack Analysis, Image Sequence Analysis, Digital Image Correlation