Aktive Verbinder für Bauelemente aus Carbonbeton: Entwicklung eines kompakten Verbinders aus thermischen Formgedächtnislegierungen

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The implementation of a modular, prefabricated construction method and the extensive use of lightweight elements made of carbon or textile concrete require new connecting elements. Components made of carbon concrete are designed to be much slimmer than comparable reinforced concrete elements. In addition to the geometric conditions for the connection, the transmission of forces in correspondingly thin elements in particular poses a challenge for planners and construction. Furthermore, a sustainable, modular construction method requires connecting elements that allow easy and safe assembly of individual elements and do not affect the aesthetics of the structure. In this paper, innovative fasteners based on shape memory alloys (FGL) are presented for exactly this application. The new fastening concepts aim to significantly simplify assembly on the construction site. By using memory steel as the active fastener, mechanical accessibility to the joint can be eliminated. In this paper, the primary application field of FGL connectors as well as the first concepts and developments are shown.
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Active connectors for components of carbon reinforced concrete
development of a compact connector made of thermal shape memory alloys


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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021

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  • connections, carbon reinforced concrete, memory-steel, pull-out tests, active connection element, shape memory alloys, thin-walled concrete elements, finite elements, modular building, assembly, facade construction