Aktive Hörimplantate bei chronischer Otitis media

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In patients with inadequate hearing improvement after tympanoplasty and failure of conventional hearing aid fitting, active hearing implants provide an alternative treatment option. Active middle ear implants function as a vibromechanical bypass of the stiffness and damping effect of a poorly oscillating tympanic membrane and the (reconstructed) ossicular chain. The selection of the hearing system depends on the maximum output levels of the hearing system and the anatomical conditions in mostly multiply operated ears. The development of variable coupling elements for active middle ear implants led to an extension of the indications to include not only purely sensorineural hearing loss but also mixed and conductive hearing loss in patients, as the transducer can now be coupled to the (mobile) stapes or the round window membrane. The article provides an overview of current clinical study results and recommendations on the indications for active hearing implants in patients with chronic otitis media.

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Active hearing implants in chronic otitis media


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