Advanced teaching methods application and its benefits in descriptive geometry at the faculty of civil engineering and architecture in niš

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Teaching tools, such as computer drawings in lecture templates, "step by step" presentations, Android application, got introduced so as to improve teaching process quality in Descriptive geometry subject, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš. Advanced teaching methods in practice classes, and on-the-screen video beam projected "step by step" presentations were available only to half of the enrolled students (experimental group –the EG), while the rest attended the practice classes deploying classical teaching methods, and manual drawings on the blackboard (control group –the CG). Deliberation of data on previous education and intellectual capabilities of students involved proved that the groups do not differ. Comparative analysis of the final results in academic year of 2016/17 indicated that in the EG students there was a higher knowledge of the subject matter, and higher exam pass rate. The conclusion is that the application of the advanced teaching methods makes learning and teaching process more successful, thus their usage in the future is recommended.

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  • Advanced teaching methods, Classical teaching methods, Descriptive Geometry, FCEA University of Niš, Final results, University students