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Junior Professorship in Environmental Remote Sensing

Organisational unit: Junior professorship

Organisation profile

The Junior Professorship in Environmental Remote Sensing was established in September 2019. Our aim is to establish remote sensing as an integrative environmental discipline at TU Dresden. The group is led by Matthias Forkel.

Our research focuses on the development of methods and applications of satellite data and derived products to observe, analyse, model and predict changes in ecosystems and the related impacts on the carbon and water cycle and the climate. Furthermore, we use satellite data to observe and predict dynamics of vegetation fires. We use and develop data-driven methods such as time series analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, retrieval apporaches for envrionmental parameters, as well as process-based environmental models and model-data integration techniques. Research

The group teaches for the Master programs Geoinformation technologies, Geodesy, Geography, Cartography, and Tropical Forestry. We teach at the interface between classical remote sensing (sensors, data, methods), environmental sciences (carbon and water cycles, climate change), and data science (statistics, time series analysis, image analysis, machine learning). Teaching


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