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Center for Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research

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The Center for Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research (ZML) currently consists of the research groups of Prof. Dr. Ünal Coskun and Dr. Maria Fedorova. We work at the interface of scientific progress and clinical application.

Our goal is to (1) fundamentally and systematically understand metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes; (2) establish the results of basic research in clinical practice in a way that they can be used for the prevention and treatment of patients.

We use interdisciplinary analytical, biochemical, biophysical, and informatics methods, as well as disease model systems and clinical trials, to understand lipid function, dysfunction, and interaction with other molecules. This approach will allow us to identify the molecular causes of a wide variety of diseases in a timely and reliable manner.

Our center can serve all areas of medicine, starting with the prevention of metabolic diseases, through the identification of new disease mechanisms, to the development and application of new therapies.


Tatzberg 47-49


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