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Workshop: Multimodal Perception in Human-Machine Interaction (Hybrid Knowledge Spaces)

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9 Sept 2021


Exploring the meaning of different sensory channels in future applications

In future human-machine interaction using virtual reality, it could be essential to go beyond the auditory and visual senses to include touching, smelling, and tasting the environment. Such multisensory experiences will be possible through novel sensors and actuators using the 6G communication network. Our session aims to develop a broader understanding of the principles of and requirements for (augmented) perception and interaction with the external world, as well as the importance of multisensory feedback for goal-directed behavior. The workshop will open with two short keynotes on 6G technology and augmented multisensory perception. The main body includes hands-on experiments and a follow-up discussion on novel multisensory technologies and future applications.


TitleArs Electronica 2021 - Festival for Art, Technology & Society
SubtitleA New Digital Deal
Conference number
Duration8 - 12 September 2021
Degree of recognitionInternational event