Suitability Mapping for Managed Aquifer Recharge: Development of Web-Tools

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Suitability maps for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) are increasingly used and hold the potential to be integrated into sustainable groundwater management plans. However, the quality of the maps strongly depends on the input data quality as well as the expertise of the decision-maker. The maps are commonly derived through GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis (GIS-MCDA). To date, there is no common understanding of how suitability mapping should be conducted, as there is considerable variability concerning used GIS data and MCDA methodology. This study presents two web-tools that were conceptualized based on a review of GIS-MCDA studies in the context of MAR suitability mapping. The data retrieved from the review was compiled into a web-based query tool making the MAR- and MCDA-relevant information easily accessible. Based on the most commonly used MCDA practices in the assessed studies, we conceptualized and implemented a second web tool that comprises a simplified web GIS as well as supporting tools for weight assignment and standardization of the criteria. Both web tools will enable decision-makers to engage in MCDA for MAR mapping in a more structured and informed way. As the tools are open-source and web-based, they can facilitate the collaboration between multiple stakeholders and the easy sharing of results.


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  • managed aquifer recharge, web GIS, web tools, multi-criteria decision analysis, suitability mapping, GIS