Skoliosespezifische Physiotherapie bei Patienten mit idiopathischer Adoleszentenskoliose (AIS) - ein narratives Review

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Purpose In general, the purpose is to give a currently overview about conservative treatment methods (scoliosis specific physiotherapy) applied to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). In particular, the FED-Method (Fixation, Elongation, Derotation), which is within the scope of a research project (Project Number: 19200 BR/3), is an object of the present paper. Materials and Methods This narrative literature research was conducted in Nov 2016-Jul 2017. The first part of the literature research aims for a listing of the applied treatment procedures for patients with AIS. Whereas, the second part aims for the characterization of these procedures. Results In total, 34 relevant references were identified and analyzed. There are procedures with and without autocorrection. The procedures with autocorrection are: Schroth-Methode, Side Shift Program, SEAS-Program, DoboMed, Lyon School, BSPTS, FITS and partly Klapp'sches Kriechen. The procedurce without autocorrection are: Vojta-Therapie, PEP-Programm, Hanke-Konzept E-Technik®, Bobath-Konzept, PNF and Riemenübungen. Discussion The Schorth-Method is a fundamental treatment procedure, from which other procedures were deduced. No reference was found, which characterized the FED-Method. There was only a mention. Conclusions Various treatment procedures are applied for patients with AIS. This article gives an overview of these procedures. Further investigations should address the mode of action of the FED-Methode.


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  • adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), conservative treatment, scoliosis specific physiotherapy