Racist discourse in a German far-right blog: A corpus-driven approach using word embeddings

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Newer forms of racism in the context of right-wing extremism are characterised by an apparent distancing from overt racist devaluations. In addition to or even beyond biological features, it is now cultural characteristics attributed to social groups which serve as grounds for practices of othering and social exclusion. This paper analyses racist discourse in the comment sections of the influential far-right blog pi-news.com where these practices can be observed in detail. With reference to discourse analytical approaches to racism and using corpus-linguistic, data-driven methods, especially word embeddings and collocations, it is shown how racism is linguistically and discursively expressed. Next to both overt and more implicit racist nominations and predications, the notion of Heimat (‘homeland’) is analysed; it is used to draw racist demarcations without relying on overtly racialising terms.


Fachzeitschrift Discourse & society : an international journal for the study of discourse and communication in their social, political and cultural contexts
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Okt. 2023

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  • racism, Comment sections, discourse analysis, far-right, corpus linguistics