Pushing crisis response towards sustainable transformation? Reflections from a case analysis of crisis-framed policy actions on teacher education in three European settings

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This paper explores the mobilisation of crisis response and related rhetoric in contemporary European teacher education. Using a critical vertical case analysis of illustrative national, regional, and institutional crisis-mediation settings (Switzerland, Germany, Ireland), we examine how crisis-informed policy response addresses global challenges like teacher shortages and digitalization. Employing an assemblage approach, we foreground how such responses exemplify moves to rethink, remake and redesign tea- cher education systems and programmes. Our discussions under- score the potential and the problematic aspects of crisis-based policy action to reshape teacher education and emphasize the role of universities and administrative institutions in fostering sus- tainable change. The study reveals particularly the influence of local contexts and cultures in shaping policy solutions and the dangers of excluding key actors within university teacher education from these conversations and actions. This discussion aims to inspire innovative and culturally-responsive transformations in teacher education practices and policies within Europe, and beyond.


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Fachzeitschrift European journal of teacher education : EJTE
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12 Jan. 2024

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unpaywall 10.1080/02619768.2023.2288811
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  • Crisis-response, European contexts, alternative entry, teacher education policy