Optical coupling with flexible polymer waveguides for chip-to-chip interconnects in electronic systems

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This contribution discusses technology development for the realization of chip-to-chip interconnection based on flexible optical waveguides. Two approaches for optical coupling between waveguides and active devices are presented. Both approaches built on the planar polymeric optical multimode waveguides integrated on flexible substrates (PEN-foil). This waveguides structured using UV-photolithography and Ormocere-materials feature low optical attenuation below 0.05 dB/cm. The first approach for coupling between optical waveguides uses a bidirectional interruption-free waveguide coupler. The principle bases on directional core-core-coupling and allows for adjustable coupling ratio by tuning the overlap area. In addition, an asymmetric coupling behavior depending on the coupling direction due to a bending of one of the coupling waveguides is achieved. This coupling method shows supremacy for optical bus systems where tunable, asymmetric coupling ratios are desired. The second optical coupling approach for waveguide-to-chip coupling bases on out-of-plane optics. Direct integration of 45° micro-mirrors into polymer waveguides using dicing process is investigated. Two approaches for optoelectronic (OE) subassembly with flexible optical waveguides are considered one with flip-chip bonded and one with embedded OE-devices. Using optical characterization the influence of fabrication parameters on the optical performance of diced mirrors with insertion power loss measurement is derived and presented.


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FachzeitschriftMicroelectronics Reliability
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Mai 2018

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  • Bus coupler, Coupling optics, Electro-optical integration, Flexible substrates, Optical characterization, Optical chip-to-chip interconnects, Optical waveguides, Out-of-plane optics