Modeling and CFD-simulation of cleaning process for adhesively detaching film-like soils with respect to industrial application

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The removal of film-like soils is a challenge in many fields of production for consumer goods. For ecological and economic reasons, these cleaning processes have to be optimized. A model for the prediction of the cleaning times of adhesively detaching soils is presented. It is formulated as a boundary condition for CFD simulations, which reduces the calculation effort significantly. Ketchup is used as a model soil to validate the model. The parameterization of the model is performed with bench scale experimental setups. The model is tested for cleaning processes in a turbulent channel flow. It is shown that it predicts the mean cleaning time for different mean bulk velocities and surface soil mass coverages well.


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FachzeitschriftFood and Bioproducts Processing
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021

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  • Adhesive detachment, CFD, Cleaning simulation, Numerical modelling, Ketchup, Boundary condition, Cleaning