Governance of digital supply networks: Systematic literature review and research agenda

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Digitalization changes the formal structures and procedures of supply networks and provides better abilities for interfirm governance. At the same time, digital supply networks require fewer human interactions, which reduces the relevance of social aspects for safeguarding against opportunism and effective coordination. Prior research examined selected digital technologies and their influence on specific governance dimensions. However, these findings exist in isolation, and a comprehensive understanding of how digitalization impacts different aspects of governance is missing. In this article, the analysis of 156 articles in a systematic literature review presents an integrative perspective on the effects of digitalization on interfirm governance, with technology amplifying, simplifying, and deteriorating governance. The study concludes with an agenda for future research on interfirm governance and managerial implications for companies governing digital supply networks.


FachzeitschriftAustralian Journal of Management
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2 Juni 2023

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  • Context factor, digitalization, governance, governance mechanism, governance mode, interfirm, literature review, supply chain governance, supply network, Digitalization, Governance mechanism, Literature review, Supply chain governance, Governance, Governance mode, Supply network, Interfirm