Geometrical modeling of yarn motion and analysis of yarn tension during stitch formation process in warp knitting machines

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In the textile sector, the sustainable development and production of high-performance and high-quality textiles has become increasingly important. To enable the processing of new yarn materials at high production speeds, the in-depth understanding of the relationships between machine elements, yarn path, and yarn tension is required. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyze the interactions between the warp knitting machine unit and the yarn path during the stitch formation process by means of theoretical modeling and experimental investigation. A vector-based model has been developed to describe the kinematic yarn path and its correlation with yarn demand during the stitch formation process. The model is validated by measurements of yarn path and yarn tension on a warp knitting machine. The model is used to identify both machine and yarn guide elements that influence stitch formation.


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  • stitch formation, Warp knitting, yarn model, yarn motion, Stitch formation, Yarn model, Yarn motion