Experimental investigation of high strain-rate, large-scale crack bridging behaviour of z-pin reinforced tapered laminates

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Significant research exists on small-scale, quasi-static failure behaviour of Z-pinned composite laminates. However, little work has been conducted on large-scale, high strain-rate behaviour of Z-pinned composites at structural level. Small-scale testing is often at an insufficient scale to invoke the full crack bridging effects of the Z-pins. Full-scale testing on real components involves large length scales, complex geometries and resulting failure mechanisms that make it difficult to identify the specific effect of Z-pins on the component failure behaviour. A novel cantilever soft body impact test has been developed which is of sufficient scale to invoke large-scale delamination, such that behaviour in Z-pin arrays at high strain-rates can be studied. Laminates containing Z-pin arrays were subjected to soft-body gelatine impact in high-speed light gas-gun tests. Detailed fractographic investigation was carried out to investigate the dynamic failure behaviour of Z-pins at the microscopic scale.


FachzeitschriftComposites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Apr. 2022

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  • 3-Dimensional reinforcement, Delamination, Impact behaviour, Laminates