Crack Propagation Velocity Determination by High-speed Camera Image Sequence Processing

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The determination of crack propagation velocities can provide valuable information for a better understanding of damage processes of concrete. The spatio-temporal analysis of crack patterns developing at a speed of several hundred meters per second is a rather challenging task. In the paper, a photogrammetric procedure for the determination of crack propagation velocities in concrete specimens using high-speed camera image sequences is presented. A cascaded image sequence processing which starts with the computation of displacement vector fields for a dense pattern of points on the specimen's surface between consecutive time steps of the image sequence chain has been developed. These surface points are triangulated into a mesh, and as representations of cracks, discontinuities in the displacement vector fields are found by a deformation analysis applied to all triangles of the mesh. Connected components of the deformed triangles are computed using region-growing techniques. Then, the crack tips are determined using the principal component analysis. The tips are tracked in the image sequence and the velocities between the time stamps of the images are derived. A major advantage of this method as compared to the established techniques is in the fact that it allows spatio-temporally resolved, full-field measurements rather than point-wise measurements. Furthermore, information on the crack width can be obtained simultaneously. To validate the experimentation, the authors processed image sequences of tests on four compact-tension specimens performed on a split-Hopkinson tension bar. The images were taken by a high-speed camera at a frame rate of 160,000 images per second. By applying the developed image sequence processing procedure to these datasets, crack propagation velocities of about 800 m/s were determined with a precision in the order of 50 m/s.


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  • high-speed camera, crack propagation velocity, image sequence analysis, crack analysis, material testing, deformation measurement, CONCRETE, FRACTURE