Corporate Mobility Budgets as a Contribution to the Enforcement of Sustainable Mobility

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Companies are looking for solutions to meet the challenges of growing urbanisation, climate change and the achievement of carbon and particulates reduction by changing the mobility behaviour of their employees. One way to encourage employees to use environmentally friendly means of transport such as bikes/e-bikes, bike- and car sharing, velomobiles or e-scooters instead of their own cars or company cars is to implement mobility budgets. Today, isolated mobility solutions for individual employees or groups of employees such as company cars, job tickets, fuel vouchers or BahnCards still predominate. In the meantime, however, more convenient solutions in the form of corporate mobility budgets are becoming popular on the market. Based on a market overview of national and international mobility budget offers, the paper examines mobility budgets’ fundamental features and design possibilities. It discusses the functions of the different partners of a mobility budget (role model), the prerequisites, and implementation requirements. The paper presents a configurator tool for corporate mobility budgets. It includes decision criteria before introducing such a measure, namely for the determination of the service design, the utilisation options, the selection of the suitable provider, the billing modes, and company-specific features of mobility budgets. This tool facilitates the management decision-making processes. Finally, the authors conclude by focusing on the impacts of corporate mobility budgets on the involved stakeholders.


TitelHCI in Mobility, Transport and Automotive Systems, MobiTAS 2022
Redakteure/-innenHeidi Krömker
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  • Corporate mobility budget, Decision tool, Mobility behaviour