Comprehensive active control of booming noise inside a vehicle caused by the engine and the driveline

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This study presents comprehensive active cancellation of booming noise caused by the engine and the driveline inside a passenger car. In modern noise control systems for vehicles, booming noise caused by engine harmonics could be effectively suppressed by employing active noise control. However, practical attempts or studies for the active suppression of driveline booming noise are scarce. One of the reasons may be that since the booming noise caused by the driveline is not harmonic with the engine speed, reference signals cannot be generated conventionally. Thus, passive approaches are generally employed to improve the driveline noise. To address this limitation, we propose a method for generating reference signals from engine revolution speed to suppress the driveline noise, such as propeller shaft and tire noise. Reference signals for driveline noise suppression were generated using the information from the torque converter, gear ratio, and final drive ratio. A practical active noise control system was implemented in a six-cylindered large sedan to validate the proposed method. The experimental results showed that the engine firing order was suppressed by 8.0 dB. Moreover, the first order of the propeller shaft and the second and third orders of the tires were suppressed by 5.5 dB, 3.9 dB, and 2.3 dB for entire seat positions. Furthermore, the results presented in this study were considered effective for improving annoyance perception through subjective evaluation.


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  • Active noise control, Engines, Harmonic analysis, Propellers, Shafts, Tires, Vibrations, Wheels, adaptive notch filter, annoyance, booming noise, driveline noise, engine noise