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Whose Natures?

Aktivität: Veranstaltungsorganisation und -teilnahmenOrganisation einer Veranstaltung


16 Nov. 2022


»Luondu Luonddus – As Part of Nature, We Are Nature«, the current exhibition at Felleshus, shows 24 different ways of how art can connect human and non-human others. Following this idea, we invited artists and artist-collectives to take us on a journey into the ways in which art and science can become means to create relationships to human and more-than human others.

Dr. Liisa-Rávna Finbog, SIMKA, Charlotte Weitze and Sabine Scho will offer workshops exploring ways to connect to nature through art and create art through connecting with natures. By asking »whose nature« in each specific case, we will discuss how these approaches might change perceptions of »nature« as other and challenge notions of ‘nature’ as human possession and how we can integrate explorative and artistic practices into everyday lives.

Sabine Scho: The Balance of Power between Humans and Animals in Literature, Art and at the Example of Whaling in Iceland Today
Sabine Scho is a poet whose works explore human–nature relationships at the border of poetry and visual culture. She has published poetry and prose-miniatures with Kookbooks (»Tiere in Architektur«, »Album«, and »Farben«).

Charlotte Weitze: Sensuality in the Novel Rosarium
Charlotte Weitze is a Danish author of fiction and drama. Charlotte Weitze’s authorship has been characterized by her exploration of the liminal spaces between social realism and the otherworldly. In 2022, she published the essay »Klimaet og kunstneren« (climate change and the artist).

SIMKA: Find Your Tree
SIMKA is the project name for the visual artists Simon Häggblom’s and Karin Lind’s shared artistic activities. Through SIMKA they combine their knowledge and skill from visual art, set design and landscape architecture.

Dr. Liisa-Rávná Finbog: Siida ja meahcci – the interrelationality of Sámi lands and the geography of Sámi philosophy
Dr. Liisa-Rávná Finbog is a Sámi scholar and duojár from Oslo/Vaapste/Skánit on the Norwegian side of Sápmi. Her specific focus is on the relation between Indigenous aesthetics and the Arctic and land. In 2020 she was appointed as one of three to curate the transformation of the Nordic Pavilion into the Sámi Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia in 2022.

A collaboration between the Nordic Embassies and the project »Disrupt!Research« (TU Dresden).


TitelWhose Natures?
UntertitelCo-Creating Relationships between Humans and Natures through Arts and Sciences
Dauer16 November 2022
OrtFelleshuset Nordische Botschaften Berlin