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TUDiSC 4. Verbundtagung

Aktivität: Veranstaltungsorganisation und -teilnahmenOrganisation einer Veranstaltung


6 Dez. 20238 Dez. 2023


This conference aimed at questioning “myths of disruption”, though not (only) by disruptive means – exposing something as a myth, i.e., a lie – but by collecting and exploring the programs, narratives and utopias on which our disciplines, research subjects, and collaborative ideals rest and which they produce. Building on Adrian Daub’s observation that “Disruption has become a way to tell a story about the meaning of both discontinuity and continuity” (What Tech calls Thinking, 2020), we invited stories and studies which focused on a concept, a narrative or a promise of disruption in regards to future and the places and people affected by this promise.

The result was an international and interdisciplinary conference with international speakers and lively discussions.

The last day was dedicated to PhD students and focused on Science Communication in times of AI.


TitelTUDiSC 4. Verbundtagung
UntertitelMyths of Disruption: Programs, Narratives and Utopias of Future Innovations
Dauer6 - 8 Dezember 2023
BekanntheitsgradInternationale Veranstaltung
OrtTU Dresden


Forschungsprofilli­nien der TU Dresden