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1076 Prizes
  1. 2007
  2. Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: Dissertation Prize

    Wiener, M. S. T. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: PhD Thesis Prize

  3. Allocation de recherche

    Schirmeier, S. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipPhD Scholarships

  4. Collano – Innovationspreis

    Haller, P. (Laureat) & Wehsener, J. (Laureat), 2007

    Prize: Innovation prize

  5. EPITRON External Travel Grant

    Albert, M. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipMobility

  6. Philip Morris External Research Program

    Hummel, T. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipResearch projects/Networks

  7. Posterpreis des Deutschen Kollegiums für Psychosomatische Medizin

    Weidner, K. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Other prize

  8. Recipient of the ISAT Linkages Fund by the Royal Society of New Zealand

    Wöhling, T. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipMobility

  9. Transplantation of immuno-modulated (riboflavin/ UVA-treated) corneal transplants in an animal model

    Valtink, M. (Recipient), 2007

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipOther fellow/scholarship