Visualization of bone formation in sheep's middle ear by using fluorochrome sequential labelling (FSL)

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One factor for the lacking integration of the middle ear stapes footplate prosthesis or the missing healing of stapes footplate fractures could be the known osteogenic inactivity. In contrast, it was recently demonstrated that titanium prostheses with an applied collagen matrix and immobilised growth factors stimulate osteoblastic activation and differentiation on the stapes footplate. Regarding those findings, the aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of bone regeneration including bone remodeling in the middle ear. Ten one-year-old female merino sheep underwent a middle ear surgery without implantation of middle ear prostheses or any other component for activating bone formation. Post-operatively, four fluorochromes (tetracycline, alizarin complexion, calcein green and xylenol orange) were administered by subcutaneous injection at different time points after surgery (1 day: tetracycline, 7 days: alizarin, 14 days: calcein, 28 days: xylenol). After 12 weeks, the temporal bones including the lateral skull base were extracted and histologically analyzed. Fluorescence microscopy analysis of the entire stapes with the oval niche, but in particular stapes footplate and the Crura stapedis revealed evidence of new bone formation. Calcein was detected in all and xylenol in 60% of the animals. In contrast, tetracycline and alizarin could only be verified in two animals. The authors were able to demonstrate the osseoregenerative potential of the middle ear, in particular of the stapes footplate, using fluorescence sequence labelling.


FachzeitschriftScientific reports
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 25 März 2024

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  • Xylenes, Animals, Ear, Middle/physiology, Anthraquinones, Tetracyclines, Female, Sheep, Fluoresceins, Fluorescent Dyes, Osteogenesis