Virtual coach and telerehabilitation for Parkinson´s disease patients: vCare system

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Aim: The vCare system is a virtual coach that involves physical and cognitive telerehabilitation and a daily life monitoring system. This pilot study aims to evaluate the vCare pilot test for Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients and to analyze the usability and the satisfaction level of patients and their quality of life (QoL). Subject and methods: Twenty PD patients were randomized, 10 patients into the vCare group focused on personalized home telerehabilitation [motor and cognitive rehabilitation (4 days/week for 4 months)], while the control group (10 patients) continued the clinical standard at the clinic. A pre-post clinical evaluation and a cost-utility study were performed. Results: Repeated measures ANOVA showed significant improvement in the PD vCare group compared to the control group (p<.05). Specifically, the PD vCare group showed significant improvement in cognition (p=.016), and QoL dimensions of mobility (p=.008), self-care (p=.008), daily activities (p=.010) and pain/discomfort (p=.004) at post-treatment. vCare PD patients showed high adherence to the vCare system (90.5-100%). Costs per patient in the control group were higher (€5,108.26) than in the vCare group (€2,243.07). Conclusion: The PD vCare group significantly increase their QoL, cognition, motor symptoms, and daily life activities compared to the control group. Patients showed high adherence to the vCare coach, the care plan, rehabilitation, and devices. The vCare system seems to be an optimal and cost-effective tool for telerehabilitation in PD.


Fachzeitschrift Journal of public health : from theory to practice
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13 Nov. 2023

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  • Parkinson’s diseases1, Pilot test2, Quality of life3, Telerehabilitation4, vCare5