Verlaufsevaluation eines multimodalen Therapieprogrammes für Methamphetamin-konsumierende Schwangere, Mütter und Väter

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OBJECTIVE: Follow-up evaluation of the addiction therapy part of the multimodal treatment program "Mama Denk an mich" ("Mummy, think of me"), an interdisciplinary cooperation of several departments of the University Hospital Dresden with the local youth welfare offices and addiction counseling centers.

METHOD: Description of treatment course and sample of the first 100 patients with a methamphetamine-related disorder and prospective observational study of treatment outcome.

RESULTS: Besides a high proportion of first-time treated subjects (51%) and a young mean age (29 years), the sample was notable for precarious socioeconomic conditions and numerous comorbidities. Nevertheless, the comparatively high adherence rate (68%) suggests a good efficacy of the therapeutic methods used.

CONCLUSION: Parenthood or pregnancy represent an opportunity to motivate methamphetamine addicts for effective outpatient addiction therapy even in the presence of severe addiction and psychiatric comorbidities.


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FachzeitschriftPsychiatrische Praxis
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  • addiction, methamphetamine use disorder, multimodal outpatient therapy, parents, pregnancy, Follow-Up Studies, Humans, Male, Combined Modality Therapy, Mothers, Methamphetamine/adverse effects, Pregnancy, Adolescent, Pregnant Women, Female, Adult, Fathers, Germany