ThermoE-Int: E-Assessments for international students in Mechanical Engineering

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In recent years, the development of e-learning content has proved to be a very practical tool for improving existing learning options for students and workers. This is because e-learning can be used anytime, anywhere. In universities, this versatility simplifies the process of reaching a larger number of students, especially those who have difficulties understanding the lecture. This is especially true in the case of
foreign students, as the language is an important barrier to overcome. In order to improve the integration and success of foreign students at the Technical University of Dresden, the project thermoEint (thermodynamic e-assessments for international students) aims to offer online electronic exercises in English for the fundamental subject of technical thermodynamics as a prototype for other subjects of
natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This contribution presents our methodology for establishing a comprehensive didactic relation of eassessments coupled with the lecture content. The implementation of a dynamic system for a continuous year-to-year improvement through the e-learning content and the student feedback is also discussed as well as the outcomes of such implementation as a starting point to the successful implementation of elearning activities in the STEM field of study.


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