Textile-Based 3D Truss Reinforcement for Cement-Based Composites Subjected to Impact Loading Part I: Development of Reinforcing Structure and Composite Characterization

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  • Duy M.P. Vo - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Cornelia Sennewald - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Anke Golla - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Michael Vorhof - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Gerald Hoffmann - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Hung Le Xuan - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Andreas Nocke - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Chokri Cherif - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)


Concrete is extremely vulnerable against impact loading due to its low tensile strength and pronounced brittleness. The application of thin strengthening layers, containing Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) and Strain-Hardening Cement-based Composites (SHCCs) in a ductile cement-based composite, is a promising solution to enhance the impact resistance of existing concrete structures. Three-dimensional (3D) textile structures exhibit numerous advantages over two-dimensional (2D) ones, most importantly higher shear, bending and energy absorption capacity, hence, appear to be instrumental in providing sufficient reinforcement to the target strengthening layers. However, design variability and optimization possibility of available 3D textile reinforcement are restricted. This paper presents the development of novel textile-based 3D truss reinforcement that can overcome these limitations. On the basis of woven 3D cellular structures, innovative pyramidal 3D truss reinforcement with favorable load-bearing capacity as well as notable energy absorption capability is developed and successfully realized. To investigate the feasibility and efficacy, cement-based composite consisting SHCC and newly developed pyramidal 3D truss reinforcement is prepared and tested under high-speed tensile loading as well as transversal impact loading. The experimental results show that woven 3D truss reinforcement is highly compatible with SHCC, and significantly enhances its impact resistance. Furthermore, SHCC reinforced with novel pyramidal 3D truss structure remarkably outperforms that with 2D carbon reinforcing structure approved for commercial use.


Seiten (von - bis)121-132
FachzeitschriftMaterials Science Forum
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 10 Juni 2022
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unpaywall 10.4028/p-46f419
ORCID /0000-0002-3386-891X/work/142253776



  • ductile behavior, energy absorption, hybrid reinforcement, impact, strain-hardening cement-based composites SHCCs, strengthening layers, textile reinforcement