Strengthening of existing concrete structures: Design models

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Lack of resources and an increased rate in city growth, both in residential and industrial areas, have resulted in a need to develop conceptual plans to strengthen the majority of existing buildings in the near future. The new load demands that need to be imposed on such buildings may exceed the loadbearing capacity of their structural elements. One solution is the subsequent strengthening with textile-reinforced concrete (TRC). In Part III, a comprehensive overview of this innovative construction material is given. This chapter presents the newly developed analysis and design models for beams, slabs and columns to be strengthened with TRC. The basis of the design criteria was developed in a number of subprojects of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 528 (1999–2011). The main goal is to increase the loadbearing capacity under bending, shear, torsional and axial forces by the application of TRC. The design and analysis models have been validated by numerous specimen tests, developed over the years and implemented in various pilot projects.


TitelTextile Fibre Composites in Civil Engineering
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