Stakeholder expectations on sustainability performance measurement and assessment. A systematic literature review

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Various surveys reveal that many stakeholders deem current sustainability performance measurement and assessment approaches insufficient for their needs. In light of the large and growing number of publications, this exposes a major practice-research gap. To explore the gap between the flourishing number of publications and the disappointment of stakeholders, this paper analyzes how current literature on sustainability performance measurement and assessment addresses stakeholder expectations. Based on a systematic literature review, the paper distinguishes stakeholders and their expectations on different roles in the sustainability performance measurement and assessment process: standard setters, process enablers, information providers, impacted stakeholder, decision makers, and addressees. The analysis of individual roles reveals that stakeholder expectations are rarely specifically considered; in particular, expectations of decision makers have received little attention in the literature, so far. This paper systematically categorizes the expectations expressed in the academic literature and critically discusses current gaps. The literature review shows that stakeholder expectations have not been considered in depth, which is a possible explanation for the dissatisfaction of stakeholders with current sustainability performance measurement and assessment approaches. Implications for bridging the gap are drawn, including the need for empirical analyses of expectations relating to different stakeholder roles in sustainability measurement and assessment processes.


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  • Stakeholder, Stakeholder theory, Sustainability assessment, Sustainability management, Sustainability measurement, Sustainability performance