Segmentbrücke aus textilbewehrtem Beton – Rottachsteg Kempten im Allgäu

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On account of its very good mechanical properties textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is a material to be best to do lightweight concrete constructions. With this material it is possible to realize prefabricated concrete bridges with a size that was not possible yet due to limits in transport. Shorter construction or traffic blockages times are also a positive effect and with this economic and qualitative advantages are achievable due to prefabrication. A praxis test was done with a bridge prefabricated in Oschatz/ Saxony and transported to Kempten/Allgäu for mounting. The Rottach-Bridge does prove and demonstrate that textile reinforced concrete constructions can also assert themselves economically in the market. The bridge was put into operation in autumn 2007 and now has proved itself already in sixth winter. This is taken as an occasion to report in this paper on the design, calculation and preparation of textile concrete bridge Kempten. This report is based on and takes over parts from this.


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  • concrete, prestressed concrete, segmental bridge, pedestrian bridge, textile reinforcement, reinforcement made of AR-glass