Reproducing fine textures on touch displays using band-limited white noise vibrations

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In this paper, perceived roughness of different band-limited white noise vibrations was evaluated on a tactile display. In the previous study, white noise vibrations without a specific cut-off frequency were found suitable while rendering fine textures. In that study, some participants reported that low frequency content of the noise vibrations were not plausible when they were touching the fine textures to rate the similarity between them. Therefore, the motivation of this work is to improve the perceptual capacity of white noise vibrations by adjusting its character according to the surface roughness of fine textures. Two essential factors can be used to adjust the character of noise vibrations: Frequency content and intensity level. In this study, a perceptual test is conveyed to scale the congruence between fine textures and band-limited noise vibrations with different high pass filters and intensities. In total, four cut-off frequencies (30 Hz, 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz) and three intensity levels were
tested to seek their best combination with respect to three fine textures with the grit sizes of 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm. Based on the analysis of the collected data, cut-off frequency is found as a primary factor to create plausible fine texture sensation on a display. On the other hand, vibration intensity has no significant effect on perceived similarity when the vibration intensity changes less than 3 dB.


TitelProceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications (COGNITIVE)
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Okt. 2020


Titel12th International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications
KurztitelCOGNITIVE 2020
Dauer25 - 29 Oktober 2020
OrtHotel Novotel Cap 3000

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