Radially scaling kernels of the spectral vanishing viscosity method for LES in cylindrical configurations

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The paper describes a spectral vanishing viscosity approach for a high order discretisation method in cylindrical coordinates employing a spectral element
approach in the meridional planes and a Fourier decomposition in circumferential direction. Own tests showed that existing kernels do not succeed to reliably stabilise this method in case of pipe flow.
In this contribution, two improved kernels for the circumferential direction are presented which apply the spectral vanishing viscosity close to the axis down
to much lower Fourier modes. Large eddy simulations of turbulent pipe flow are conducted with the previously available and the new kernels and the results
are compared regarding near-axis fluctuations. In addition, one of the kernels presented employs a novel approach by defining the parameters of the spectral
vanishing viscosity method in the circumferential direction based on the local resolution properties in the axial and radial direction.


Titel14th ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurement
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023