Non-contact Measurement of Respiration Rate With Camera-based Photoplethysmography During Rest and Mental Stress

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Cameras offer new possibilities in assessing human states like stress. This work addresses the measurement of respiration rate with several approaches. Data from a mental stress study (> 40 h recording time, 54 participants) were evaluated and color channel combinations were examined using a hemispherical surface grid search with mean absolute error M AE to optimize the approaches. The grid search converged towards the green channel in the baseline modulation approach (MAE = 2.53 rpm). However, best results were achieved with the frequency modulation approach (MAE = 2.13 rpm) with the color channel combination optimal for heart rate measurement. Respiration rate increased highly significant during stress (p < 0.001, Mann-Whitney U-test). Deliberate selection of the color channel combination is crucial for respiration rate measurement with cameras in order to assess human states or pathophysiological processes.
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Kontaktlose Messung der Atemfrequenz mit kamerabasierter Photoplethysmographie in Ruhe und bei mentaler Belastung


TitelComputing in Cardiology Conference (CinC)
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 31 Dez. 2022

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  • camera-based photoplethysmography, iPPG, Respiration, breath rate, Mental stress