New Method for Precise Measurement of Clamping Plate Deformations on Forming Presses

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The deformation of press bolster plates under load can significantly impact the quality of manufactured workpieces. Consequently, press manufacturers are usually obliged to provide the metric proof of the permissible deformation values during the press commissioning process. Unfortunately, the existing measurement methods for determining bolster plate deformations present flaws in the measurement accuracy, the application flexibility, the metrological effort, and other aspects. These issues have been addressed through the development of a new measurement method using multiple inclination profiles on the surface of the measured object. Based on the difference in the inclination between the unloaded and loaded states, the method approximates the inclination surface and calculates the deformation of the measured object through integration. The measurement method was first used for commissioning tests of forming presses. A comparison with the results obtained with a measurement frame equipped with high-resolution measurement probes demonstrates an accuracy of the new method of less than 20 µm.


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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 5 Jan. 2024

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  • deformation measurement, local inclination, machine tool, press clamping plates, press commissioning