Mindful design: Applying the mindful design approach at industrial design lectures

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This paper aims to present teaching strategies applied to the Mindful Design approach in the TU Dresden industrial design curriculum. The main focus of this study is the implementation of Mindful Design on industrial design in a higher education context, which can be understood, applied and evaluated by design students. The concept of Mindful Design has been introduced by Niedderer [1] to describe how design products can promote and improve mindful attention by disrupting the user’s interaction during social activities. The authors comment that Mindful Design can be related to behavioural change and widen the understanding of social cognitive mindfulness through modifying expected functions of product use. In this paper the authors describe the importance of applying the Mindful Design approach to product design to propose improvements of cognitive performance as well as cognitive impairments, self-regulation and subjective well-being to final users. This paper takes as its case study the methodology of designing for people with dementia.


TitelProceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, E and PDE 2018
Redakteure/-innenStephen Green, Lyndon Buck, Aran Dasan, Erik Bohemia, Ahmed Kovacevic, Peter Childs, Ashley Hall
Herausgeber (Verlag)Institution of Engineering Designers, The Design Society
ISBN (elektronisch)9781912254026
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2018


ReiheInternational Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education


Titel20th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education
KurztitelE&DE 2018
Dauer6 - 7 September 2018
LandGroßbritannien/Vereinigtes Königreich

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  • Design education, Mindful Design, Teaching strategies, Tools