Measurement-Based Black-Box Harmonic Stability Analysis of Commercial Single-Phase Inverters in Public Low-Voltage Networks

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This paper presents a measurement-based stability analysis of commercially available single-phase inverters in public low-voltage networks. In practice, manufacturers typically do not disclose the parameters of the inverter design, although interactions with the low-voltage network need to be assessed and predicted. State-of-the-art modeling methods require knowledge about the internal parameters. The method proposed in the paper is based on measurements in the laboratory and does not require detailed knowledge about the specific inverter design for the identification of the black-box linear time-periodic representation. The gained information is used for the black-box stability analysis in the frequency range up to 2 kHz, which covers the bandwidth of the control of the inverters. The method is validated for a commercially available photovoltaic inverter in the laboratory. An instability that leads to a shutdown of the inverter is demonstrated, while the critical frequency range is predicted accurately.


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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 10 März 2022

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