Measurement methods of dynamic yarn tension in a ring spinning process

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The most common measuring method to characterise the dynamic yarn path in the ring spinning process is to measure the yarn tension, where the yarn path is almost straight. However, it is much more complex to measure the yarn tension at the other positions, for example, between the yarn guide and traveller (balloon zone) and between the traveller and winding point of the cop (winding zone), as the yarn rotates continuously around the spindle axis. In this paper, two new methods of yarn tension measurement in the balloon zone are proposed. In the first method, the balloon shape was first recorded with a high speed camera. The balloon tension was then calculated by comparing the yarn strain (occurring in the balloon zone) measured by a digital image analysis program with the stress-strain curve of the yarn produced. In the second method, the radial forces of the rotating balloon were measured by using modified measurement techniques for measurement of yarn tension. Moreover a customised sensor was developed to measure the winding tension between the traveller and cop. The values measured were validated with a theoretical model and a good correlation between the measured and theoretical values could be revealed.


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FachzeitschriftFibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2016

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