Localization of conduction electrons in the ferromagnetic clusters AuFe

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  • A. S. Prokhorov - , RAS - General Physics Institute (Autor:in)
  • E. S. Zhukova - , RAS - General Physics Institute (Autor:in)
  • B. P. Gorshunov - , RAS - General Physics Institute (Autor:in)
  • M. B.S. Hesselberth - , Leiden University (Autor:in)
  • J. Aarts - , Leiden University (Autor:in)
  • G. J. Nieuwenhuys - , Leiden University (Autor:in)
  • S. Kaiser - , Universität Stuttgart (Autor:in)
  • M. Dressel - , Universität Stuttgart (Autor:in)


The optical-conductivity spectra of concentrated solutions Au1 - xFex with x = 17 and 22 at % have been measured in a frequency range of (10-33) × 103 cm-1 at room temperature. The results are analyzed together with previous optical data obtained for compounds with x = 4-12 at %. It is found that the magnetic contributions σmagn = σAuFe - σAu to dc and low-frequency(10 cm-1) conductivities for an Fe concentration below 4 at % are almost equal, while the low-frequency magnetic contribution for larger concentrations is significantly larger than the dc one. An absorption band at frequencies of 1000-3000 cm-1 has been found for samples with concentrations x = 6-22 at %. The observed phenomena are attributed to the localization of electrons inside clusters containing ferromagnetically ordered iron ions.


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FachzeitschriftJETP letters
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Juli 2009
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