Loading tests of existing concrete structures - Historical development and present practise

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This paper gives an overview over the historical development of loading tests and describes the actual practise in Germany. The use of loading tests to prove the hearing capacity of structures is as old as the humankind and plays an important role in the historical development of reinforced concrete constructions. Loading tests proofed the hearing strength obviously for everybody and therefore they were likely used to convince the people of the hearing capability of floor slabs or bridges. With the development of statie calculations and of acceptable design rules, load testing became unnecessary for new structures and by the mid 1960s it was deleted in almost all European codes. In the last decade of the 20th century the method of test loading was upgraded through big research projects and since 2000 a guideline for the execution and assessment of loading tests exists in Germany. Today there is a big amount of existing structures, which need to be evaluated in terms of their hearing capacity for future utilization. But the existing design codes and the Jack of as-built information often don't allow an appropriate analysis of the present hearing strength. With the help of loading tests, hidden hearing reserves can be detected and the structure can be preserved from demolition.


Titelfib Symposium PRAGUE 2011
Redakteure/-innenVlastimil Sruma
Herausgeber (Verlag)Czech Concrete Society
ISBN (elektronisch)9788087158296
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2011


Reihefib Symposium PRAGUE 2011: Concrete Engineering for Excellence and Efficiency


Titel10th fib Symposium 2011
UntertitelConcrete Engineering for Excellence and Efficiency
Dauer8 - 10 Juni 2011
LandTschechische Republik

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  • Existing structures, Loading test, Maintenance, Structural assessment