Lightweight structures with adaptive dynamic behavior through evanescent morphing

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Compressible Constrained Layer Damping (CCLD) is a novel semi-active damping solution for vibration mitigation. The constrained damping layer consists of a compressible damping material with the thickness that can be adjusted in operando using fluid actuation. The actuation deformations, referred to as “evanescent morphing”, change both the damping material properties and the amount of vibration-induced shear deformation, enabling a tuning of the overall structural dynamic behavior according to the excitation parameters. The CCLD can be applied to the entire surface of the vibrating structure or as patch only partially, without causing a significant increase of mass. This work demonstrates the potential of the damping measure using different damping materials. These materials were investigated and characterized at varying compression levels. The hereby obtained results were implemented in a numerical model that is discussed and validated. Experiments carried out on a single-curved shell structure with a partial CCLD patch coverage were carried out and served as the source of validation data.


TitelLecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics
Redakteure/-innenPeter Eberhard
Herausgeber (Verlag)Springer, Cham
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ReiheLecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics

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