Integrating Reasoning Services for Description Logics with Cardinality Constraints with Numerical Optimization Techniques

Publikation: Hochschulschrift/AbschlussarbeitMasterarbeit


Recent research in the field of Description Logic (DL) investigated the complexity of the satisfiability problem for description logics that are obtained by enriching the well-known DL with more complex set and cardinality constraints over role successors. The algorithms that have been proposed so far, despite providing worst-case optimal decision procedures for the concept satisfiability problem (both without and with a terminology) lack the efficiency needed to obtain usable implementations. In particular, the algorithm for the case without terminology is non-deterministic and the one for the case with a terminology is also best-case exponential. The goal of this thesis is to use well-established techniques from the field of numerical optimization, such as column generation, in order to obtain more practical algorithms. As a starting point, efficient approaches for dealing with counting quantifiers over unary predicates based on SAT-based column generation should be considered.


QualifizierungsstufeMaster of Science
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  • Baader, Franz, Hauptbetreuer:in
  • Peñaloza Nyssen, Rafael, Betreuer:in
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2019
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