Improved Pulse Pressure Estimation Based on Imaging Photoplethysmographic Signals

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Imaging photoplethysmography (iPPG) enables the extraction of physiological signals from standard RGB video recordings. For the assessment of the human health condition, pulse pressure is of utmost importance and is usually determined from conventional blood pressure signals. Within this work we present the fully automated estimation of pulse pressure using iPPG We computed the pulse strength from the iPPG signals and performed a linear correlation analysis with the corresponding pulse pressure. We compared different algorithmic iPPG approaches amongst one is an artificial neural network. We measured a maximum pearson correlation of 0.65 for the artificial neural network and 0.63 for the best conventional approach. Our results show 0.1 increase in correlation coefficient compared to previous work based on manual processing, demonstrating the feasibility of automated contactless pulse pressure estimation from RGB videos.


TitelComputing in Cardiology Conference (CinC)
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 31 Dez. 2022

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