Holistic Analysis of the Tribological Interfaces of an Axial Piston Pump – Focusing on the Pump Efficiency

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Abstract Research work performed on an axial piston pump is shown in a holistic manner, analyzing each lubricating interface by linking their gap height and temperature behavior to the overall pump efficiency. The temperature field and dynamic fluid film height were measured in two of the three lubricating interfaces. This is the first time that the temperature fields and gap heights were simultaneously measured in two of the main three interfaces of an axial piston machine. For a deeper analysis of the measurement data, all gaps were simulated with a numerical tool which takes solid body deformation due to temperature and pressure loads into account. This unique combination of both extensive measurement data and sophisticated simulation resulted in novel trends that clarify the complex phenomena occurring in these hydrostatic fluid films.


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FachzeitschriftChemical engineering & technology
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Jan. 2023

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  • Axial piston pumps, Gap measurements, Lubricating gaps, Simulations, Thermal analyses, Tribology