Free temporal fascia flap to cover soft tissue defects of the foot: a case report.

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Severe soft tissue defects as a result of lye contamination remain a huge challenge in the interdisciplinary approach of trauma surgeons and plastic surgeons. Free tissue transfer is a suitable surgical option for successful reconstruction of form and function of defects in the distal parts of the lower extremities. We report the successful two-stage reconstruction of a full thickness lye contamination at the dorsum of the foot with a free temporoparietal fascia flap covered with a split-thickness skin graft from the thigh. The described method is a suitable operative alternative to anterolateral thigh flaps or other thin fascia flaps regarding flap harvest and donor site morbidity and should be considered in the portfolio of the plastic surgeon.


FachzeitschriftGMS Interdisciplinary plastic and reconstructive surgery DGPW
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13 Jan. 2015

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PubMed 26504730
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