Experimentelle Untersuchung der Sättigungskorrektion einer PTW Roos-Ionisationskammer in gepulsten Strahlungsfeldern mit hoher Pulsdosis bei verschiedenen Pulsdauern

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In gas-filled ionization chambers as radiation detectors, the collection of the charge carriers is affected by the recombination effect. In dosimetry this effect must be accounted for by the saturation correction factor k S. The physical description of the correction factor by Boag, Hochhäuser and Balk for pulsed radiation is well established. However, this description is only accurate when the pulse length is short compared to the collection time of the ionization chamber. In this work experimental investigations of the saturation correction factor have been made for pulses of 4μs up to pulse doses of about 230 mGy, and the theory of Boag, Hochhäuser and Balk was again confirmed. For longer pulses, however, the correction factor decreases and at a pulse duration of about 200μs reaches 75% of the value valid for short pulses. This reduced influence of the ion recombination is interpreted by the reaction kinetics of ion recombination as a second-order reaction. This effect is negligible for PTW Roos chambers at clinical linear accelerators with 4μs pulse duration for pulse doses up to 120 mGy.


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FachzeitschriftZeitschrift fur Medizinische Physik
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - März 2011

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PubMed 21247743
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  • Collection efficiency, Ionization chamber, Pulsed beams, Saturation correction