Development of sensor design for Smart Kinesiotape for future sensing applications in motion capturing

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The “CENTRE FOR TACTILE INTERNET WITH HUMAN-IN-THE-LOOP (CeTI)” is a Cluster of Exellence that, from an textile point of view, deals with the development and invention concerning smart devices [1]. These can be used in many fields e.g. industry 4.0, medicine and skill leaning. Currently expensive, tender and large, stationary camera systems are necessary to capture human motions for various applications. The usage of textile substrates with implemented sensory units gives high potential for body-near motion capturing. Smart textiles gain more and more interest in the field of sports [2] and health monitoring. The avoidance of personal injuries due to the incorrect execution of movements is one main target to reach with smart textiles in healthcare and sports. The aim of the contribution is the investigation of characteristics using electrically conductive (EC) yarns implemented in woven textiles as future smart textiles for close up motion capturing.


TitelProceedings of the World Textile Conference (AUTEX) 2022
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 10 Juni 2022


Titel21st AUTEX World Textile Conference
KurztitelAUTEX 2022
Dauer7 - 10 Juni 2022

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