Design and Development of a Cold-Flow Test-Bench for Study of Advanced Nozzles in Subsonic Counter-Flows

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As advanced nozzles may offer alternative solutions to conventional nozzles for the future class of reusable launch vehicles, a critical aspect is to tailor these novel technologies to current recovery strategies, more specifically to vertical landing sustained by retro-propulsion. Researchers at Technische Universität Dresden have developed a dedicated test-bench for the vacuum wind tunnel facility, where Advanced Nozzle Concepts (ANCs), such as aerospike and dual-bell nozzles, are tested in cold-gas configuration while invested by subsonic counter-flows. The main objective of the test campaign is to evaluate the performance and altitude–compensation characteristics of such ANCs by simulating a vertical landing manoeuvre through the variation of ambient pressure experienced during the landing burn. A detailed description of design and development of the test-bench, together with preliminary results from the commissioning activities, are here offered to the reader. The force measurements, together with pressure and temperature data, contribute to evaluate thrust levels and coefficients, as well as the monitoring of the interaction between the nozzle cold-flow and the opposing free-stream. A background-oriented schlieren system allows to visualise the external flow-field. In conclusion, an outline of the upcoming test campaign and a description of the expected results is offered.


Fachzeitschrift Aerotecnica missili & spazio : journal of aerospace science, technologies & systems
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022

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