Dental Anxiety and Stress in Patients during Different Types of Oral Surgery

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The aim of this study is to capture the dental anxiety of patients in a dental clinic. A special focus was placed on the measurement of the course of possible anxiety occurring during a single dental visit with different surgical procedures. Therefore, 129 patients were interviewed in an oral surgical clinic. The course of possible anxiety was measured with a short questionnaire about the current stress (“Kurzfragebogen zur aktuellen Beanspruchung”, KAB), which was completed by the patients at three different times in the waiting room, as well as before and after the treatment in the consulting room. In the waiting room, the patient answered a questionnaire, including the following instruments: questions about age and sex, KAB (stress), and the Dental Anxiety Scale (DAS, anxiety). According to the DAS, 64.1% belonged to the low-anxiety group, 29.7% belonged to the medium-anxiety group and 6.2% belonged to the high-anxiety group. For all groups, the stress just before the treatment was the highest and it was the lowest after treatment. The KAB values of the female patients were significantly higher than those of the male patients. About one third of the patients suffered from dental anxiety.


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