Data-Based Conceptual Design of Offshore Jackets Using a Self-Developed Database

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With increasing power classes of offshore wind turbines, more and more influence factors in different life phases of jacket substructures should be considered to improve the feasibility, economic efficiency and approvability in the jacket design process. The conventional design methods of jacket substructures for offshore wind turbines are complex and expensive. In this case, more efficient design methods should be raised and investigated. The current work in this paper contributes to the development of a database of windfarms with jacket substructures, in order to consider sufficient influence factors during the life process of the structure into the structural design. The correlations between pairs of design parameters (feature pairs) in the database are investigated. According to the results of statistical analyses, a data-based method to simplify the conceptual design of offshore jacket substructures is developed, which is intended to provide a preliminary jacket topology to the further design phases.
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Datengestützter Vorentwurf von Offshore-Jackets unter Verwendung einer selbstentwickelten Datenbank


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